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Enemy Front


Hey! Enemy Front is running slow, stuttering, spikes, like a slow motion, lag or something like that and you want to use a tweak to improve gameplay performance / experience ? I have absolutely nothing against, but I have to say that the most important thing / tweak for this game is the one who brings new drivers. Any connoisseur you can confirm this theory.

How to update your driver ?

 Use this tutorial 

DO NOT skip Proper uninstalling process for 100% chance of succes.

Also another "tweak" is directx and xnafx. Those can be downloaded from here or here. (both)

Done. Now your computer or laptop is ready for any tweaks availlable. (you can search for tweaks now)

 More Tutorials for this Video GAME 

Why to update video card driver ?

This question is ...bad ? why to update ? pff..because you get : more stability, more frames per second (fps) lower lag in game, better gameplay experience, reduce lag, reduce spikes, not more stuttering, reduce stuttering effect, improved gameplay for Enemy Front PC and more.

Also you can boost your gameplay.

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Enemy Front

You can follow this tutorial if you have Windows 7 and Windows 8 for Enemy Front PC for PC.

Posted by Sorin B. on 2014-06-11

Enemy Front

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