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Video Game: Enemy Front

Error: No sound in-game


Hello and Welcome. You have no sound in game menu or in your Enemy Front PC gameplay ? Then you need to be sure that you have latest sound audio driver installed first. How to see if the driver is latest ? Follow the guide from bellow. Also if the sound driver is good, you need to set The sample rate and bit depth for sound for Enemy Front.

But Remember ! This guide is useless if your drivers are oudated ! so update your sound driver first !

"Who does not have an Elder, buy one. Who does not have driver updated, update it" (adapted by Sorin B.)

 Detect - Identify Sound Card and Update it 

How to set sample rate and bit depth for sound:

First right click on sound icon from bottom right corner and then select:

Playback Devices and then look for active sound card (circle gree arrorw)


Enemy Front

Enemy Front


Update ! New solution for no sound issue added.

You followed the steps in this guide and still have not solved the sound issue for Enemy Front ?

Then I think you should follow and the next tutorial:

 New ! Fix No Sound for PC Video Games 

Enemy Front PC : Game for Windows.

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Posted by Sorin B. on 2014-06-11

Enemy Front

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