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PC Video Game: Risen 3: Titan Lords

Release date : 15 August 2014


My first impressions and hopes for most expected video game Risen 3: Titan Lords are : Good Graphics, Good Story and Good Gameplay. And also i hope to be more like Risen instead of Risen 2 Dark Waters.

Risen 3: Titan Lords

Now, if you look at the first trailer, you will see .....NOTHING ?

Not realy nothing...but anyway what can be seen in that trailer:

1. Magic is there and swords.

2. No more Pistols or Firearms. Update ! actualy will be some.

3. Back in those days with wizards and warriors from Risen

4. Better looking armours

5. Carring spells

6. Swords will neeed repairs ?

7. And we believe that the main and the best choice will be magic


A. Not too much animation when casting spells

B. Optimization, Optimization Optimization (for both AMD and Nvidia)

C. Large Map and more vegetation terrains

D. A horse will be just fine

E. When you "clean" an area, to stay "clean"

F. Companions

Here you can watch at first trailer.


You have another hopes ? or these are wrong ? some opinions to say ? some news about Risen 3: Titan Lords ?

Tell us...use comments instead of forums etc..

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